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next Saturday

12 May: The Art of Balance
The Classrooms, SE1 3QJ
entrance from Weston Street, opposite the Greenwood Theatre (immediately south of London Bridge Station) → map)
10.30 am - 4 pm (one hour lunch break) £50
Please bring a mat or a blanket.
what happens in a class or workshop?
Why are we tense? Why do we tire so easily? If we consider the boundless energy of children, and look also at their effortless sense of balance, we may find a clue. Most of us get less flexible as we get older, and each step away from a flexible and accommodating poise takes work, robs us of energy that we could put elsewhere. Eventually, our sense of balance may deteriorate enough that the risk of falling limits our confidence and mobility. This workshop will centre around some very gentle but profound ways of rediscovering ease and poise through the art of balance. Suitable for any age, any ability.
Suitable for beginners, as well as those with prior experience of Feldenkrais.


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13 Camellia House
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London SE8 4LZ
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The Art of Balance on 12 May


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