Scott Clark: Feldenkrais Classes & Lessons in London

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advanced training for Feldenkrais practitioners
Scott Clark

Saturday & Sunday, 30 Nov & 1 December 2019
10.30 - 4 each day
£180 for the weekend, £100 for either day singly.
The Classrooms, SE1 3QJ; entrance from Weston Street,
opposite the Greenwood Theatre,
immediately south of London Bridge Station → map.
Book with Scott, by e-mail or phone.
The ancient Hermetic tradition taught that "as above, so below" — our own inner world was a cosmos in itself, and each particle of our selves was made of even more microscopic worlds. Something similar appears (in perhaps a less mystical way!) in the relation between the organisation of the periphery of ourselves — the hands, the feet and the head — and the organisation of the core. For instance, the organisation of the hands mirrors the connection of the shoulder into the torso; the way that the feet touch the floor mirrors the way the pelvis is related to the spine. As a result, work on the edges can open a door to the centre, and vice versa.
In this workshop we will explore practical ways of using the edges, especially feet and hands, to help the centre; and using the centre to help those parts more at the edges.


phone: 020 8469 0245 or