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The Classrooms
entrance from Weston Street,
opposite the Greenwood Theatre
a map for The Classrooms

Two minutes from London Bridge Rail Station: Come out of the station on the side with the high-number platforms. Weston Street is immediately in front of you. Walk 100 yards down that street and you will find the very pink entrance to the Greenwood Theatre on your right. Directly opposite on the left, between Nos. 60 & 62, is a small gateway leading to an alley. Push the intercom button number 1 to have the gate opened.
Once through the gate, go straight on to the door of the building. The studio itself is on the first floor. The studio is warm, bright & clean.
Or from London Bridge Tube Station: Walk in the direction indicated for the Shard (past the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts stand) and this will bring you to St Thomas Street, where you will turn left and pass the Shangri La Hotel entrance. You will be walking between the new part of London Bridge Station on the left and Guy's Hospital on the right. After 30 yards, opposite the Nero Express, turn right onto Weston Street (there is no street sign, but Weston street is the first street you come to). and proceed as above.

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