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Feldenkrais classes & lessons in London
free individual Feldenkrais lessons

We have finished this for now, but will offer another opportunity at the end of May – please check back then!

Students in the fourth year of a professional Feldenkrais training programme will be giving individual lessons to members of the public, under the supervision of our staff. These lessons are free, though you may make a donation on the day, if you wish. These are an important part of the curriculum, and also mark a major milestone in the progress of the students through the intense, four-year programme.

If you would like to be involved but can't make these times, come back to this page at the end of May, when there will be more opportunities. (Note: please don't sign up if you are already Feldenkrais practitioners — you know too much!)

⇒ more info: "what happens in a Feldenkrais lesson?"

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