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Feldenkrais classes & lessons in London
articles by Scott Clark

Please feel free to copy these articles for your own use or for a friend, as long as each article remains complete and includes my name as author. All other rights reserved. If you have any comments on these articles, please let me know — knowledge feeds on conversation. Thank you.

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general interest

• Seven Tips for Better Posture — for the thinking person — This article is a response to the unfortunately naive approach to posture that typifies our culture; it was part of the effort of the Feldenkrais Guild UK to promote Feldenkrais Awareness Week, 22 - 28 May 2010.

• Short Lessons in Awareness Through Movement — recordings (as mp3 files) of four short lessons, including samples from my CD sets. They may be useful as an introduction, so that you can have some idea of what a Feldenkrais lesson is like; or they may be helpful to remind you of work you have done in my classes or individual lessons.

• After a Knee Replacement — an application of the Feldenkrais Method®. → pdf

• An Encounter with Moshe — I never met Moshe Feldenkrais, but one day I felt as if I came close. It started me wondering what the Feldenkrais Method was really for. → pdf

• Exercise Two Ways — is there more than one way to exercise? How can we exercise in order to produce a real change in the way we move? This may be especially useful for understanding how to apply Feldenkrais to the situations of ordinary life. → pdf

• Are You Sitting Comfortably? — a basic discussion of how to sit well, from a Feldenkrais perspective, including movement experiments for you to do yourself. This may give you some sense of how the method works, within the limits of the written word. → pdf

• Caught in the Net — a reconsideration of stretching, and its relation to learning. → pdf

• RSI & Me — about my work with Repetitive Strain Injury, both with myself and with others. → pdf

• The Illusion of Smoothness — in sport, in dance and music, and in many other fields of human striving, we often aim for a smoothness of action that can provide a foundation for much that we consider good form: efficient, graceful, even beautiful. How does this relate to anatomy, and to the physiology of exercise? → pdf

• The Meaning of Pain — by looking more closely at how pain functions, we may develop an understanding that allows a kinder relationship to it. → pdf

an image from a Feldenkrais class
for Feldenkrais practitioners

• Saying Yes — an interview with Jonathan Thrift about his work with disabled youngsters. It illustrates a vital aspect of the Feldenkrais Method, but, much more than that, it tells a moving story of communication against strong odds.. → pdf

• In Praise of Homework — how homework can help both the practitioner and the student enter into the lesson, as well as providing a unifying link between lessons. → pdf

• Using Yanai: Making Alexander Yanai Lessons Easier to Teach (and do!) — the first time I tried to teach lessons from the Alexander Yanai series in my public classes, I found it difficult verging on impossible. Then suddenly it became much easier — what changed? → pdf

• Moshe Feldenkrais & Émile Coué — Moshe was profoundly affected by Coué's work and thought.

an image from a Feldenkrais class

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